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The Process of Being Uprooted

A few years ago, when I traveled to Northern Laos, I met an American couple who were living in Indonesia. I don’t remember their names, but I remember their story. They’d lived in another developing nation prior to working in Jakarta, and during the course of our conversation, they passed on some advice that I’ve … Continue reading


Wait: Dead or Alive?

Not to worry, the blog title has nothing to do with my current health or well-being. Life has been a little to the left of normal here lately, thus the lack of blog posts. There have been some big things, and also some small things– like my foot being run over by a car two … Continue reading

If It’s Not Broken

There are many words I would use to describe myself, but “graceful” isn’t one of them. Gracious, perhaps, when I’m in a good mood, but never graceful. Most people I’ve known for longer than six months can recount at least one hilarious tale of That One Time, When Kate Fell Down. It’s no surprise that … Continue reading

Much Prettier Than Before

I know there are a great many people out there who, for one reason or another, are highly concerned about my marital status.  It’s been a few years since I moved to Cambodia, and the initial rash of marriage proposals has slowed, even stopped.  I haven’t received a single offer in some time.  This was … Continue reading

Don’t Eat the Pineapple

I’m an aunt again!  My sister gave birth to my newest niece, Natalie Grace, almost a week ago, and she’s beautiful in that squishy newborn way, and is clearly (along with my older niece, Tori) going to be an awesome little girl. We “met” via video chat twice last week, and all I can say … Continue reading

Woman in House

Reasons to Keep Going

My friend calls it “the wilderness.” How apt.

Boats in Kep

Every Day Is Summer

While many of you in cooler climes are pulling out sweaters, putting on your jeans, and watching for the first signs of fall, here in Cambodia we’ve been doing that for ages.  Except for the watching for fall bit– we’d constantly be disappointed.  Sweaters, jeans and parkas are all part of the uniform of summer … Continue reading

The One Who Stays

I know it’s nearly the end of September, but the echoes of our summer volunteer program are still pretty strong on this side of the ocean.  Even after  volunteers left for home, we still had more people arrive.  In fact, I think we’ve just finished the longest stretch since May without any foreign visitors here– … Continue reading

boys on bikes

Welcome to the Jungle

Life in Cambodia continues to be, well, ordinary.  I know that sounds strange, since people often ask me if I live in the jungle, have electricity, use indoor plumbing, or eat bugs.  (Answers are: no, yes, absolutely, and occasionally) For the past week (and for the next week!) I have been staying with the children … Continue reading

Growing Up To Do

Cambodia is changing.  Yesterday I drove by a new government building, which looks to be about 10 stories tall, maybe more.  It stands next to another governmental office, which opened last year and is all glass, metal, and fancy architecture.  Both of these new buildings give the impression that the Cambodian government is strong, functional, … Continue reading